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Who We Are And What We Do

Red Chair Highland's Digital Hub

Red Chair Highland is a Micro Social Enterprise based in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. We have been incorporated as a limited company with no share capital since 2015, and are administered by a board of Directors and management team. We underwent a rebrand and change in management in August 2021 and have refocused to reflect the growing demand for digital inclusion services and work to close the digital divide here in the Highlands.

Our service users mostly comprise of people in crisis or those who are significantly disadvantaged. We respond swiftly to needs in order to have the most successful outcomes for each person. We run a busy digital hub where we run group workshops and offer 1-1 support. We also operate digital outreach services, providing digital inclusion services across the Highlands to digitally excluded, isolated and vulnerable individuals including older adults, care experienced people, those on benefits, recently released from prison, affected by alcohol or substance use, refugees and those affected by homelessness.

Digital inclusion services include - funded digital device and connectivity provision, digital support to use devices and build digital confidence (1-1 support, group sessions and workshops), digital skills training, employability assistance and more.

Our digital team is agile, responsive and efficient in delivering impactful services to where they are most needed. We have developed an extensive network of 136 referral partners with whom we work closely to reduce digital exclusion and close the digital divide.

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